Rules of Battle:  Grand Tactical Warfare During the Age of Prince Eugene of Savoy, 1683-1730
Minden Games is pleased to announce the release of our first miniature wargame ruleset.  Rules of Battle (ROB) is a simple D6 based game system that allows players to recreate large battles during a historical period where musket and pike dominated infantry tactics, and cavalry
relied on cold steel or their pistols.  Like other titles in the Minden line, ROB emphasizes playability and simplicity of design.  A three foot by five foot playing surface is the most room required for playing any of the scenarios provided.  ROB is suitable for veteran and novice tabletop wargamers alike. 

Rules of Battle is a grand tactical game.  It utilizes a scale of approximately 15 minutes per game turn, one inch represents 500 feet, and combat elements (units) represent approximately 1000 infantry, 600 formed cavalry, or 10 to 15 field guns.  Rules cover movement, command/control, morale, small arms fire/melee, artillery, and everything needed to recreate historic (or hypothetical) battles during the period. 
ROB consists of a 40 page (plus covers) rulebook in 8.5x11 format,  seven scenarios with historical commentary, two Reference Cards, and two template inserts.  Players will need to supply standard six-sided dice, rulers marked in inches, and miniatures.  (ROB was designed for 15mm, 10mm, or 5mm miniatures.  Rebasing existing figures is not necessary as long as elements are roughly 40mm wide.  For gamers without access to figures, the game may be played with bases alone... figures make the game look much nicer, but are not necessary for play.)  
Seven scenarios are provided, with historical commentary, orders of battle, detailed battlefield maps, and scenario notes.  The scenarios included are:

Battle of the Boyne (1690, Anglo-Allies vs 

Elixhem (1705, Anglo-Allies vs Franco-Bavarians)

Flanders (1707, hypothetical, Dutch vs French)

Bohemia (1707, hypothetical, Swedes vs

Lesnaya (1708, Swedes vs Russians)

Hungarian Plain (1718, hypothetical, Ottoman
        Turks vs Austrians)

Russia (1720, hypothetical, Russian Government
  vs Russian Rebels)

With elements representing uniform numbers of troops, game mechanics focus on the qualitative and tactical differences among troops in terms of training, morale, and aggressiveness.  With ten separate combat element types (e.g. Platoon Fire

Infantry, Line Infantry, Undisciplined Foot, Pistol Cavalry, and so on) further divided into numerous distinct morale grades, ROB allows Swedes armed with musket and pike, Dutch Guards, Irish soldiers in French service, Janissaries (and many others) to be uniquely classified. 

Concrerning actual play, Melee and small arms fire is combined into a single system whose basic operating principle is "Advantage", reflecting the relative qualities of the combatants.  Damage in combat is recorded in "Hits" which reflect a combination of casualties, loss of cohesion, and combat fatigue.  The morale system is likewise simple and event driven.  Command control is abstracted through the use of "movement points" which limit the coordination and mobility of an army.  As often demonstrated historically, the timely use of reserves is also an important mechanism that the game addresses.  ROB was extensively playtested by veteran miniature gamers, and we believe that players will appreciate not only the game's playability and simplicity, but its
historicity and "feel" as well.  Sound tactics are rewarded when playing ROB.

Rules of Battle is available for immediate delivery directly from Minden Games.  Visit the Prices page for postage information, and current price.
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